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超過一個世紀以前受到薩伏伊酒店委託而在倫敦手工打造的 2 號床組,齊集了薩佛依的主要特色:傳統、訂製、生產與品質。

它不只具有傳奇般的舒適性與耐用度,造型更是應有盡有。因此,此床組需耗費至少八十個工時來打造;摩洛哥的 Hassan 國王在最喜愛的床組損壞而被迫改睡這款床組之後,立刻迫不及待的為其皇宮訂購了二十套。

Commissioned for The Savoy hotel over a century ago and handcrafted in London to this day, the No2 mattress is filled with extra-deep, high-turn pocket springs, masses of loose, curled horse tail hair and layers of carded lambswool.

The No2 boxspring is complete with a double-stitched 3” hair roll with a frame of Grade 1 pine, both screwed and glued for durability. The hourglass springs are star-lashed, involving hand-tying the springs to each other and to the frame at exactly the right tension in a radial pattern. This technique – using a traditional oiled-flax cord endorsed by archers at the Battle of Agincourt – is not only extremely strong, but also allows each spring to move as independently as possible. The slightest error in tension and the shape and comfort of the bed would be compromised.

Standard depth for No2 bedset
Topper (HW) - 11cm
Mattress - 20 cm
Boxspring - 23cm

2 號 - 號範例